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Important: Most Wanted is a TREND-SETTING and leader in innovating ideas on PEI (and now NS!) for preventing stolen items from entering our store. Although some times items do make it into our store that turn out to be stolen, you can rest assured we followed every reasonable effort to prevent being an outlet for thieves to sell stolen items.

Most Wanted has taken considerable steps that take time and money to prevent and convict those who try and sell stolen items to our store;

  • We provide a nightly report to local law enforcement of all items we buy and loan. This is emailed to both City Police and the RCMP.
  • Numerous angled video backups of every transaction performed (24 hours a day/7 days a week. for months.
  • Government Issue Photo ID REQUIRED for each transaction.
  • Signed legal contract that, by law, makes those responsible for items they sell or loan to us.
  • We do NOT do business with anyone a police officer tells us not to or people we suspect of having acquired their item(s) by illegal means.
  • Serial numbers are entered for most items at time of purchase and are kept on record forever
  • All items in store can be traced back to the person who sold it to us.
  • Detailed items, tools, stereos, telvisions, computers, video game title, etc, are entered into inventory.
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